Fund everyone on projects
in under 30 days

ClearFunds benefits EVERYONE! We expedite funding so projects stay on budget and on schedule.

Our best practices platform navigates all stakeholders through the invoicing, approval and payment process in an easy-to-use, safe, transparent and efficient manner. 

ClearFunds Services


Compliance & Risk Mitigation

It’s time to fund the contractor’s monthly invoice, how do you know that everybody downstream received their monies last month and a lien won’t surface on the project? ClearFunds’ transparency and project wide payment tracking provides new levels of visibility and insights to help you mitigate risks.

Owners & Developers

Transparent Downstream Payments

The national average for funding in commercial construction is 54 days from Owner to General Contractor and longer when you consider subcontractors and suppliers. ClearFunds puts you in the driver’s seat to pay all tiers in under 30 days. What does this mean for you? Competitive pricing and transparent operations leading the best contractors to keep your projects on track.

Architects & Consultants

Centralized Payment Approval

Having one centralized repository for project pay applications, cost changes and lien waivers makes reviewing simple. ClearFunds minimizes the time you spend on approvals!

General Contractors

Expedited Payment

At a time when manpower and material shortages are an issue in our industry, expedited payment to subcontractor and suppliers give you the edge to get the best crews on your projects and ensure subcontractors order long lead materials on time.


Improved Cashflow

You have done the work and sent in your billing, so where’s your money? ClearFunds understands cashflow is the heartbeat of your company, we eliminate barriers that could delay funding and make the process transparent so that you can see where funds are in the process.


Simplified Billing Process

Suppliers and Vendors are often the first to incur costs on construction projects and the last to get paid. At ClearFunds, we solve this issue, expedite payment and allow your business to focus on sales and service for your customers.